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Marine & Offshore Heating

ferry maintenance

We can install and maintain your heating system from an oil fired system to a plate heat exchanger taking heat from the cylinder head or connected to the cooling system of you engine.

We cater for all aspects of marine pipework to include all sanitary, plumbing, heating also clearing blocked drains and waste pipes, due to the complexity of the pipe runs our latest in technology cctv can be used to locate and rectify a blockage or failure.

As a maintenance company in the building service sector we are insured to work off shore and at moorings.

Damage often occurs, just because its out of hours or a dead line is required we can ensure a tempary or permanent repair.

We also set up planned maintenance of you equipment to ensure less down time should the worst occur.

We have worked with iconic Mersey Ferries replacing heating boilers and installing uv water filters, we have overcome complex flueing systems to ensure oil fired appliances can run.

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