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Pumping Stations Installation & Maintenance Services

Roberts and son Pumping Station Services

Due to the corrosive nature of sewage, all Sewage / Foul water pumping stations need regular maintenance in order to operate efficiently and reliably.

We are specialists in sewage / foul water pumping station maintenance, our dedicated team of pump station engineers have decades of experience between them and there's not much they haven't seen when it comes to maintaining pumping stations.

By nature, all sewage pumping stations are prone to built-up of a number of layers of non-biological matter, including Fats, Oils and Grease. Overtime, this build-up prevents float-switches from operating correctly and can allow foreign objects such as rags and towels to enter the pumps.

Regular servicing will keep your sewage pumping station, submersible pump or associated pumping equipment working smoothly, this ensures the reliability, reduced operational costs and optimal operational effectiveness of your sewage / foul water pumping station.

What we cover with Pumping Stations

  • Install and maintain sewage and storm water pumping systems

  • Service rain water harvesting units

  • Service, repair and replace all electrical, electronic and mechanical parts.


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Other Services

  • If you have a clogged drain our 24 hour emergency drain jetting team can solve your problem safely and efficiently. To unblock drains where there is either a build up of scale or lodged items such as hair or solid objects, high pressure jetting is often the fastest and most effective solution.

  • CCTV Drain Survey are useful as drains are often hidden from view and buried deep underground, the exact cause and nature of the problem you are having is not always immediately apparent from the surface.

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