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Sewage Treatment Plants

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By installing a sewage treatment plant at your property, you can efficiently process your wastewater and sewage independent from the public sewers.

The environmentally friendly process produces purified water that is clean enough to be discharged directly into a stream or ditch.

With over 20 years of experience in designing and installing sewage treatment plants, our team of experts provide a complete turnkey solution for both commercial and domestic properties.

Benefits of installing a sewage treatment plant

Whether you own a house or a commercial building, if your property produces wastewater, you could benefit from the installation of a sewage treatment plant.

Here are the five key benefits of installing a sewage treatment plant:

Minimal odour – modern sewage treatment plants give off very little odour.

No sewage bills – using the public sewers incurs regular bills. Having your own independent wastewater treatment plant will save you from having to pay to send your wastewater into our already overstretched public sewers.

Little maintenance required – once your sewage treatment plant has been installed it will need very little maintenance to keep it ticking over. Sludge may need to be removed roughly every two years, and it’s advisable to have the system serviced every two to three years.

Reuse and recycle – once the wastewater has been treated, the environmentally safe water can be reused or released back into the environment. Many people are now also reusing the sludge produced by sewage treatment plants as a source of green energy.

Environmentally friendly – sewage treatment plants use natural processes to filter out contaminants and produce clean, non-polluting effluent that can then be released directly into a stream or ditch.

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