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Water Supply

Water supply can come in different forms where high demand is required we can divert your water main to a holding tank or storage tank and we can install a pump booster set which will deliver a constant am out of water to meet your system needs. To enable equipment to function correctly and not be starved or water when you critically need it.

Maintenance of existing water supplies ensuring that pipe work is checked and service valves are checked on a regular basis ensures that when they are required they will function. Water supply pipes get damaged or fail at some point in their life we have the ability to install a new main by using tranches technology should your water supply fail and a leak has to be found we use the latest in leak detection to pin point and enable a repair.

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Other Services

  • By providing a full range of mechanical services from small remedial works to site wide energy centres. Roberts & Son can provide clients with high quality solutions. Our staff also have in-house specialism in commercial and residential installations of Air Conditioning, Public Health and Controls. We have also provided clients with extensive prefabricated solutions to aim program delivery including plant rooms, risers, pods and HIU cupboards. This can significantly increase program efficiency.

  • We supply & Fit a premium quality pipework, fabrication & installation service throughout a varied assortment of process plant applications covering: Chemical, Gas, & Food processing industrial sectors (which includes specialist stainless steel hygienic piping systems)

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